Simen Lyngroth

Debut Album ‘Take All The Land’
Vinyl (inc CD) - Cat No AP023 / Digital Format
12th January 2018

Norway’s Simen Lyngroth will release his debut album ‘Take All The Land’ in the UK on 12th January.

Produced by Christer-André Cederberg (Honningbarna, Maria Mena) ‘Take All The Land’ is a pensive, twilight record designed for the onset of long, autumnal nights. It explores the intersection of an organic and synthetic sound, where dark influences converge on themes of jealousy, anxiety for the future and past regrets. Lyngroth’s distinctive, silky voice glows throughout, however, casting its light to create a beautiful and heartening atmosphere against the darkness.

Lyngroth and his band mix a palette of electronica, indie rock, jazz and pop. The album’s prominent tracks include lead-off single ‘The Waves’ with its emotionally raw sound and rolling synths that send out ripples of tension. Then there’s the heavier introspection of “Buildings Bloom’, with its towering melancholic chorus, asking “Are we in control? Are we forcing ourselves to move on?”. ‘Wake Me Up’ sets out slowly with a woozy guitar opening, before dragging us into a dramatic, blustering climax. Closing song, ‘Silence’ embraces a more hopeful mood with piano and percussion, evoking a time and place that lives now only in the memory and imagination.

25-year-old Lyngroth was previously a member of Norwegian acoustic pop trio Ask for 10 years, before starting his own band. After a year of touring and performances at festivals such as Spot Denmark and SØRVEIV (including a secret house gig, where they attracted attention by attaching a trail of balloons all the way there) he signed to Bergen label, Apollon Records.

  • “Tense, melodramatic electronics, the pop songwriting is marked by that silken, instantly recognisable vocal, and the emotions it can conjure.”   Clash