The Trudy

This May sees the release of cult, post-punk act The Trudy’s new album ‘Always Never Beautiful Forever’. The album was skillfully overseen by producers Greg Walsh (Kate Bush, Tina Turner, Heaven 17) and Peter Walsh (Pulp, Scott Walker, Peter Gabriel) and signals an exciting new chapter in The Trudy’s story.

The Trudy are doyens of catchy pop and ‘Always Never Beautiful Forever’ has their signature blend of infectious, guitar-spun songs laced with the bittersweet vocals of Melissa Jo Heathcote. Their knack of turning the stories of everyday life into epic tales of adventure and mystery is still there too. The album oozes radio-friendly tracks, like recent single ‘Rocket Heart’, kitchen-sink drama ‘Dirt Cheap Melody’, the honest rock’n’roll of ‘Girls Who Fall Apart’ and the new-wave wanderlust of ‘Poetry’. All show off The Trudy’s unbounded ability to mix up genres and eras, like a glamorous champagne cocktail served with a packet of crisps.

Formed in 1979 by former Cardiacs member Peter Tagg, The Trudy released a number of successful indie singles and an album 'Tune-In To The Trudy Love-Ray!'. Becoming well known for their energetic live performances, they attracted rave reviews and regular radio airplay. The band went their separate ways in 1996, as members pursued solo T.V. and radio projects. But the calling was strong. In 2006 The Trudy were reactivated and since then have attracted a new wave of fans with singles ‘Oh!’, ‘Lost Summer of Love’, ‘3 Minutes 4U’ and ‘Bucolics Anonymous’. The Trudy’s cover of ‘Day Is Gone’ from the acclaimed compilation ‘Leader Of The Starry Skies: A Tribute to Tim Smith’ was chosen as the lead track for the promo and received BBC 6 Music airplay.